Is epilepsy a disease that causes due to hereditary?

According to the present research of medical science regarding epilepsy, it has been found that in the human body there are more than 500 genes that led to the causes of epilepsy. If any man receives a low seizure edge, then he is more helpless to the triggers of the seizure. On the other hand, if a man gets a higher edge then he is less likely to develop seizures.

Epilepsy many times found to be in the genes. But the hereditary factor of having epilepsy problems is shallow. Parents found with epilepsy found to have children who do not inherit the problem. Epilepsy Causes great problem among the boys who are 20 years of age. But this issue is found only in 1person out of 100 persons. If your parent is facing the problem of epilepsy due to head injury or due to an accident, then the chances of having epilepsy will not take a rise in your body. But if it is genetic then there is a risk factor.

Epilepsy Causes

Conditions like neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis are found to be the main reason for the seizures. If these are genetic, then it can run in the bloodstreams of almost every person of the family. For the pregnant women, epilepsy does not affect the woman who is conceiving. The dosage power must be maintained according to the prescription of the physician. Dosage power differentiates from trimester to trimester. It is better to consult a genetic counselor before starting a family with kids.

Is it necessary to go for a surgery regarding epilepsy?

Medical professionals are of different thoughts that epilepsy can be treated with medications, but many neurologists are of different opinion that a surgery is needed. If the medicine is unable to lessen the number of seizures, then you have to go for a surgery. The most common operation regarding the decrease of the seizures is resection. In this surgery, the neurologists remove the part of the brain where the seizure starts. The temporal lobe is removed in this operation which in medical terms known to be as the temporal lobectomy. If the surgery is well carried out, then it can stop the activities of seizure.

In this operation, doctors prefer to awake the patient. He will talk to you and try to avoid the parts that help you to perform functions like movement, vision, speech and hearing. This operation is also carried in a different way known as multiple subpial transections in medical science. In this operation of treating the seizures the doctor cuts to interrupt the pathway of nerve in the brain so that the seizures can stop spreading in the other parts of the brain. After the surgery, it is recommended to take medicines after consulting the medical professional as you may not require the medications anymore.

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