What are the reasons for epilepsy?

Trauma to the head is considered to be the main reason behind epilepsy. Many times injuries occurred in the past are found to be the primary reason behind epilepsy, but researchers still today search for the type of injury that causes epilepsy. In the present day, it has also been stated that seizure in the brain causes epilepsy. A seizure, according to medical science is the sudden flash of electrical activity in the brain and is considered as the main reason for epilepsy. Seizures are found in two types in the human brain. Epilepsy Causes the generalized seizure that affects the whole brain. Another one, known as the focal or partial seizure that affects a part of the brain!

In Neurological part of medical science, epilepsy is a common term that has been found to affect more than 65 million people globally. Epilepsy can happen to anybody, but research says that it occurs mostly among the young children and the aged adults. Epilepsy is found more in the men than in the women. If you are found with epilepsy, then through medication and other strategies it is possible to cure epilepsy.

Epilepsy Causes

The symptoms of epilepsy

Seizures are found to be the main reason behind epilepsy. But according to the type of seizure, the sign varies from person to person. A look at their different types and the symptoms

Focal seizures

Focal seizures are also known as partial seizures. In this kind of seizure, the person will not lose consciousness. The sign of focal seizure includes

• A change in the sense of taste buds. This difference is also found in the smell.

• A change in touching is found along with hearing and sightedness.

• There’s a dizziness

• Limbs always tremble and itched.

A focal seizure is also complex in nature. According to research, the main reason behind epilepsy may be found in this seizure. Epilepsy Causes, a man to lose his consciousness or awareness. Other symptoms that are found in the complex focal seizures includes

• Looking at something or to someone blankly.

• There is hardly any response from the people

• Repetitively performing the same movement.

Generalized Seizure

Generalized seizure affects the whole brain. This seizure is categorized into six different types.

Absence seizures

In medical term absence seizure is also termed as ‘petit mal seizures’. A person who is suffering from this type of seizure is characterized by the way he looks at something. Blankly the person will gaze at something or someone. This type of seizure also causes repetitive movements like smacking the lips or blinking of the eyelids. A short loss of awareness is also found among the people suffered from petit mal seizures.

Tonic seizures

Tonic seizures cause the muscles to get stiff. Hardly a man makes a move.

Atonic seizures

People who fall suddenly are the victims of Atonic seizures. A person characterized by this disease found to lose control of the muscle. As a result, the person falls all of a sudden at any place and any moment.

Clonic seizures

Clonic seizures are categorized by repeated jerking of the muscles that cause movements in the face. This jerking is also found in the arms and the neck.

Myoclonic seizures

Myoclonic seizures are figured by quick jerking of the legs and the arms in an unstructured way.

Tonic-clonic seizures

Tonic-clonic seizures in medical terms are also known as “grand mal seizures.” In this seizure the symptoms that are being noticed:

• The body gets stiff

• At any time and any moment the body shake-up

• A loss of the bladder and bowel is not controlled by the human being

• Tongue biting

• A person can lose consciousness at any time and any minute

What led to the causes of the epileptic seizure?

According to the present report of medical science, the main reason behind epilepsy seizure are characterized as

-> If you do not sleep for 6-8 hours a day then you may be the victim of an epileptic seizure. Lack of sleep is the foremost reason behind this type of seizure

-> If you are suffering from illness or fever for many days, then you may have an epileptic seizure. It is better to go to a medical professional and consult with him about the problem

-> Professionally and personally a man is stressed with different problem. This headed to the cause of epileptic seizure.

-> If you take excess alcohol, then you are going to face the problems of epileptic seizure. Taking excess medicines or drugs are also the reason behind this seizure.

-> Medical research also states that if someone skips the meal or eat excess junk foods or home-made foods or prefers only a specific ingredient of food, then he/she may be found with the problems of epileptic seizure.

-> Many times looking at the bright lights or the flashlights led to epileptic seizure.

Identifying the trigger

Identifying the trigger is not easy. But if you want to determine the trigger then you must follow these points:

-> To find the seizure, you must keep note that when it was happening. Either in the daytime or in the night time. Whenever you are triggered by the symptoms, write in a diary about the time and the day.

-> Mention that in which activity you are involved in.

-> Suppose you are in your working place when the incident occurs. Write in the diary about the place and the activities going on at that place.

-> If you found any unusual sound then also mention it. If you found any unusual sighting during the trigger and found any strange smell then you must mention it in the diary.

-> If you eat something then also you should write in the diary or how long you have taken the food.

By writing these things, you can judge whether the medicines you have taken are working or not. Don’t hesitate to tell your physician about the problems if found after taking the medication.